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Courses given & course resources...


GEO00- “ Reading / Reading ” Reference Resources


Undergraduate courses / Undergraduate courses


GEO209- Real Estate Law


GEO302- Land Management


GEO303- Cadastre


GEO308- Real Estate Valuation


GEO315- Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems


GEO403 - GIS Projects

GEO421 - Urban Land Readjustment

GEO433- Urban Information Systems


GEO435- Urban Regeneration

Graduate courses / Graduate courses


GEO509- Immovable Property Valuation-YL  


GEO524E- Land Management-YL    


GIT503E- Principles of Geo-Information Systems-YL


GIT515- Urban Information Systems-YL


GIT504E- Advanced GIS-YL


GIT601E- Geo-Data Policy

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