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Geographical Information Technologies & Applications

Spatial Data Infrastructures

Urban & Environmental Info. Sys.

Land Management, Zoning Law,

Cadastre & Land Administration,

Land Readjustment,
Real Estate Valuation



University of Newcastle

Department of Geomatics

England, 1990-93



University of New Brunswick

Department of Surveying Eng

Canada, 1988-90



Karadeniz Technical University

Geodesy and Photogrammetry Eng

Trabzon, Turkey, 1985-88



Karadeniz Technical University

Surveying Engineering

Trabzon, Turkey, 1981-85

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CV- Curriculum Vitae ...


YOMRALIOGLU (1964, Trabzon, Turkey) - Graduated from Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Department in 1985 and was appointed as a Research Assistant to the same department in 1986. He received the title of Master Engineer in 1988 and was assigned abroad in the same year with YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Board) scholarship. He conducted postgraduate research on Land Information Systems with Prof John McLaughlin at University of New Brunswick in Canada for two years. He started his doctorate at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England, in 1990 and completed his work on “Developing a New Model for Land-readjustments with Geographic Information Systems” under the supervision of Prof David Parker, and received the title of PhD in 1993.


In 1994 he returned to Turkey and was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at KTU. He became Associate Professor in 1995 and Professor of Land Management at KTU in 2001. In 2009, he was appointed as a professor at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Geomatics Engineering Department in the field of geographic information systems.


Academic and administrative way; Deputy Head of Department, Land management &Cartography branches president; various professional scientific memberships, association founding and presidencies; KTU Rectorate Advisory, KTU General Secretariat, ITU Rectorate Advisor, TUBITAK, YÖK and various commission memberships in the university boards; He worked as a manager and consultant in over thirty projects in public and private institutions. He directed over 30 master's theses and around 20 PhD dissertations. First time in Turkey, he established KTUGISLab as a qualified GIS laboratory, ITU Geographic Information Technologies Graduate program, and the National Geographic Information Technology R&D Innovation Center. In 2015, he organized an international Cadastre Summit held in the world for the first time and chaired the event.


He is still working in ITU Geomatics Engineering Department, and for a while he was a member of the Board of Trustees of Beykent University. In addition to his researches in the areas of Geographical Information Technologies, Urban Information Systems, Land Management, Real Estate Valuation, Zoning Law and Applications, he has over 300 national and international scientific publications and journal referees, along with basic textbooks used in various universities. He is married and have two children.


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  1. Name Surname- Tahsin YOMRALIOGLU

  2. Date of Birth- 24/08/1964

  3. Place of Birth- Akören Village / Akçaabat / Trabzon .

  4. Marital Status- 29/10/1994, Married to Firdevs Altınkaynak

  5. 1969-1974 Kanuni Süleyman Primary School, Trabzon

  6. 1974-1977 Cumhuriyet Secondary School, Trabzon

  7. 1977-1980 Trabzon High School



  1. 1981-1985 Undergraduate, Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) , Surveying Engineering

  2. 1985-1988 Graduate, KTU, Institute of Science, Surveying Engineering

  3. 1986-1993 Research Assistant, KTU, Surveying Engineering

  4. 1988-1990 Research, University of New Brunswick, Surveying Eng. , Canada.

  5. 1990-1993 PhD, Newcastle University, Geomatics , England.

  6. 1994-1995 Assistant Professor, KTU, Surveying Eng, Cartography Branch.

  7. 1995-2001 Associate Professor, KTU, Surveying Eng, Public Surveys Branch.

  8. 2001-2009 Professor, KTU, Map Eng, Land management Branch.

  9. 2009-2019 Professor, Istanbul Technical University , Geomatics Engineering .

  10. 2019-2021 Member of the Board of Trustees, Beykent University



  1. 1985-1988 Surveying Engineer, Trabzon Municipality Land-readjustment Project, KTU Revolving Fund

  2. 1985-1988 KTU, Institute of Science, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Eng. Master.

  3. 1986-1993 KTU, Research assistant at Geodesy and Photogrammetry Eng. Department

  4. 1988-1990 Research duty abroad (Canada) with the YÖK Scholarship

  5. 1988-1990 Research with Prof John Mclaughlin , University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

  6. 1989-1990 President of "Turkish Student Society", University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

  7. 1989-1990 "Intern. Student Society Accountant", University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

  8. 1990-1993 Research (doctoral) duty abroad (England) with the YÖK Scholarship

  9. 1990-1993 PhD Study with Prof David Parker, University of Newcastle Upon Type, England.

  10. 1991-1992 "Arc / Info GIS" Course Coordinator, Dept. of Surveying, U of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

  11. 1992-1993 Founding President of "Turkish Student Society", U of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

  12. 1990-1993 PhD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Department of Surveying, England.

  13. 1994-1995 Assistant Professor at KTU, Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering.

  14. 1994-1995 KTU, Deputy Head of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Department.

  15. 1994-1996 Presidency of Cartography brach at the Dept. of Geodesy &Photogrammetry Eng., KTU

  16. 1995-2001 Associate Professor by the YÖK, in the areas Land Management Branch.

  17. 1995-1999 Founding President of JEFOD-Geodesy and Photogrammetry Association, Trabzon.

  18. 1996-2009 Founding President of KTU GISLab-Geographical Information Systems R&D Lab.

  19. 1996-1998 Presidency of Land Management brach at the Dept. of Geodesy &Photog. Eng., KTU

  20. 1996-1997 KTU Rectorate Consultancy (About Information Technologies and Foreign Relations).

  21. 1997-2001 General Secretariat at Karadeniz Technical University.

  22. 2003-2008 Presidency of Land Management brach at the Dept. of Geodesy &Photog. Eng., KTU.

  23. 2006-2009 TMMOB Chamber of Surveying and Cadastre Engineers Trabzon Branch Presidency.

  24. 2007-2015 Founding President of Geographical Informatics Association. 30.08.2007

  25. 2007-2011 TÜBİTAK-ÇAYDAG Advisory Board Member. 01.10.2007

  26. 2008-2008 KTU Rector Candidate Candidacy | link

  27. 2009-2011 Interuniversity Board Associate Professor (Engineering) Sub-Committee Member

  28. 2009-2010 ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering Assignment

  29. 2009-2012 ITU Rectorate Consultancy (ITU-TRNC and Administrative Issues)

  30. 2010-2012 ITU "Informatics Institute: Geographical Information Tech" Graduate program founder.

  31. 2011-2012 ITU "UHEM-National Calculation Center" Board Member

  32. 2011-2012 ITU "National Geographic Information Tech. R&D Innovation Center" founder and manager.

  33. 2011-20xx Founding member of “AYOP- Land Management Platform ”, co-chair.

  34. 2012-20xx Member of “ Piri Reis Map Real Estate and GIS Association ”.

  35. 2012-20xx Board Member of the " Union of Engineers and Architects of the Turkish World" Istanbul.

  36. 2014-2015 "World Cadastre Summit" Executive Board Chairman

  37. 2015-2019 "FIG Academic Membership"

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