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AKiM: ITU Smart Cities Innovation Center...

Develops Innovative R&D and Applied Solutions for the Cities of the Future...

“AKiM- National Smart Cities Innovation Center” established at ITU in 2023; It aims to develop, produce and offer all kinds of smart city information technologies-based services that support academic and industrial research-development-innovation activities at national and international levels and to be a synergy center in Turkey and the region in this field.

In addition to the university's activities aimed at developing information technology, AKiM's functions such as researching and developing joint projects with industry and other public sectors and implementing these projects and bringing them into the economy are among the important activities of the center. For this reason, the center, which aims to contribute to sectors outside the university in addition to its contributions to the academy, is also a common place that will allow academic and industrial organizations to produce projects together.


To develop smart city solutions using the latest information technologies and to spread these solutions to all segments of society in order to make the cities of the future more sustainable, livable and innovative. To be the leading center of cities evolving towards a better future by putting technology at the service of people to increase sustainability, efficiency and quality of life.


It takes the leadership to become a model smart city R&D and innovation center worldwide and to make cities safer, environmentally friendly, connected and more suitable for life. Innovation is to help cities solve important problems in areas such as sustainability, transportation, energy management, security and services, using data analytics, IoT and other advanced technologies. The main goal is to contribute to societies having a better quality of life and future.

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